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Jacksonville Florida Wedding + Engagement Photographer

How long have you been in business as a photographer? This is our 9th year in the photography industry.

We really want a PROFESSIONAL to capture our day. Are you licensed & fully insured? Absolutely. This is our business, not a hobby or “nights & weekends” gig, and as such, we are completely legal. We’re more than happy to send you proof of both, especially if your venue needs it.

We’re not having our wedding in Jacksonville, FL. Is that an issue? Definitely NOT! We love to travel & would love to talk with you about traveling for you!

How many images will I receive from my engagement session/wedding? For your engagement session, you will receive at minimum 40 images. For your wedding, it depends on how many hours of coverage you get. On average, you will receive 50-75 images per hour that we are shooting. (Ex. 8hr wedding = 400-600 images)

How long will it take to see my wedding images? We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time for your wedding images! You will see your wedding images THREE (3) WEEKS after your wedding!! (Industry standard is 6-8 weeks, sometimes even up to 6 MONTHS.)

What equipment do you use? We both shoot with Canon 5D Mark III cameras. We also have all professional grade lenses & flashes. We carry along a bag with backups of everything, as well. (We have a total of four cameras, 10 lenses, 16 memory cards, 48 AA batteries, four flashes, two strobes; among countless other accessories.) We would never chance a technical malfunction at your wedding!

I really want to hire you, but I would need to split up the payments. Is that something you offer? Of course! We offer no interest, flexible payment plans. We would just figure out what your specific needs are and add the terms into our agreement.

Will we have a second shooter at our wedding? We wouldn’t have it any other way. :) We (Chloe + Edwin) are both present at every single wedding we book. This allows you additional angles of your ceremony & allows us to capture moments that I wouldn’t be able to alone. (your first dance AND your mom shedding tears of joy!) It also greatly helps with the timeline as we can get both you AND your groom getting ready without having to split the time between the two of you.

So, you said we will get our images via USB and online gallery. Does this mean I will be able to make prints on my own? Yes, Yes, & YES!! You will be able to download all of your images on your computer and view them on your computer, phone, & tablet and even share with family & friends. Once your images are downloaded, you will get a personal Print Release so that you can print them for yourselves to your heart’s content!! Just PLEASE don’t print them at Wal-Mart, CVS, etc. ;) It will make my photographer heart super sad. The equipment at these places are amateur at best and will not print your images as awesome as your digitals look. For this reason, I will give you an awesome recommendation with your print release.

That’s it. I WANT YOU! Where do we go from here?! AAHHHH! We’re so excited that you want us for your wedding!! First, head on over to the CONTACT LINK above & fill out the form so we can make sure we’re still available for your date. Then, we will get together for your consult to talk about all of your details. All that we require is a signed agreement & $750 reservation fee to secure your date on the calendar. (The reservation fee gets applied towards your total collection price.)

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