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Jacksonville High School Senior & Wedding PhotographerWhomever I’m photographing, I sort of fall in love with, or rather my camera falls in love with them. It could be a boy or a girl, because it’s all a fantasy. It’s fiction. […] I feel like there is a sense that you really have to love someone to photograph them. Not in an intimate sense, but I have to fall in love with someone with my camera to make really good pictures of them. It’s almost like I get hypnotized watching them”
– Ryan McGinley, to Gus Van Sant, from Whistle for the Wind.

Jacksonville Florida High School Senior & Wedding Photographer

Jacksonville High School Senior & Wedding PhotographerAbout Chloe Austin Photography:
This dream of ours started almost ten (10!) years ago & has grown into more than our little hearts could have imagined. After working out of our in-home studio, we opened the doors to our commercial office and studio in January of 2014. We can’t wait to see where our journey goes from here. Will you be joining us??

We are a Jacksonville-based, husband and wife wedding photography team who love people and are passionate about capturing the big moments in your life so you don’t have to worry about it. While we work hard to provide you pictures that you will not just like, but love – we also aim to give our clients the opportunity to walk away with more than just a great experience, but also an elite array of products to enjoy those photos.

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Chloé, Owner + Lead Photographer

an energetic soul with a passion for travel
naturally redheaded + Puerto Rico native
Canon is my weapon of choice (5D Mark III).
I believe any day can be saved with sushi + a movie.
I’m a nail art enthusiast. New manicures make me happy.
Music captures my soul entirely.
And spontaneous dance parties are the spice of life!

Edwin, Equipment Guru + Photographer

Jacksonville – born + raised
God + My Family will always come first
I’m addicted to working around the house
although, my Honey-Do list seems to be never ending.
unwinding at night includes ice cream + movies
I could eat Puerto Rican food all day, every day + never complain.