Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

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Would you know how to choose between artificial grass and natural grass? The synthetic model could not even enter into the comparison in the past as it was not considered equal to natural vegetation. However, technological advances in the area have changed this scenario. Therefore, more and more people put it on the scale when choosing the natural or artificial model.

Southern Turf Co. Artificial Turf Austin recommends you check out the differences, pros, and cons of the two types of flooring!

Artificial grass

The artificial turf  – or synthetic, is made with fibers that mimic the natural foliage. Composed of non-toxic materials, it is not considered a health risk and offers greater savings. At first, the cost of applying artificial grass can be frightening, as it is considerably higher than the price of natural grass, even because it is a long-term investment – since it does not require maintenance work and has a useful life extremely longer than the natural.

Its greater resistance makes synthetic grass also a better option for sports spaces since it can be trodden frequently without suffering the same wear and tear as the natural lawn. Period maintenance is also simpler and less frequent since an occasional brushing next to the hose is enough to keep the lawn well maintained. Also, the synthetic material has a drainage system that prevents the accumulation of rainwater.

A legal example of the application of artificial grass is the soccer field of Arena da Baixada, composed entirely of this material. 

Natural Grass

The lawns with natural vegetation are classic and include thermal comfort since the foliage refreshes the environment and provides proximity to nature. A legal point to note is that the installation of natural grass is much lower than that of artificial grass; however, there will be a greater expense in maintaining the space – as it needs to be watered, pruned, fertilized, and properly sprayed.

Finally, natural grass requires periodic replanting in places of wear. This is a disadvantage for places with animals and children: they both like to run, damaging the lawn. Nor is it suitable for shaded places, as it needs sunlight to stay healthy.

Still in doubt? Nothing prevents you from creating a decoration with artificial and natural grass together, or even with artificial grass and natural plants. Tell us your choice!


Benefits Of Synthetic Grass In Home Gardens

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The house’s internal decoration with small gardens has been growing in the hearts of many people; after all, these small beds are capable of making the environment cozyand even smelling. The biggest problem is caused by the grass, which is not so simple to care for nor economical.

An excellent way to have an incredible garden and avoid heavy work is to invest in synthetic grass – full of short and long-term advantages. It requires less care and has its maintenance easy, requiring little work or expenses, which ends up helping to save daily. In addition, the material is different in that it has high durability, without causing major damage with the use of the area, making it unnecessary to repair the space, as often happens with natural grass, helping to save even more money.

In addition to being comfortable and economical, synthetic grass is also different in that it is ecological, as it does not need to be watered constantly in order to minimize water expenditure, which is perfect in times of water crisis. By cutting pruning needs, synthetic grass also significantly reduces electricity costs with mowing equipment.

Interestingly, the material is still a sure bet for those who want to set up a garden at home, but the region has an unfavorable climate for planting natural grass. With the synthetic version, you can guarantee a beautiful and different area!

Make your home more beautiful with synthetic grass

Synthetic grass is also differentiated by having high resistance to UV rays in order to avoid fading of the material, in addition to having pullout and displacement difficult to be performed, which guarantees the greater durability of the grass. For those who want to maintain a stunning garden at home and do not give up the convenience of maintenance and economy, synthetic grass is an excellent choice!…

How To Use Decorative Synthetic Grass For Children’s Parties

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Setting up the decoration of children’s parties is laborious. However, this task becomes much simpler when investing in versatile materials, which can be used in various ways and in different places. One is the decorative synthetic grass for parties, which works as a complement and gives more color and creativity to the celebration space.

The synthetic grass is perfect for decorating children’s parties for various reasons. It does not require maintenance care during the party, does not dirty the guests’ clothes, and avoids accidents since it has good impact absorption. In addition, the material can be reused for other occasions and parties. Therefore, synthetic grass has a price that pays off, especially in the long run.

Find out all about how to use artificial grass to decorate children’s parties – and don’t forget to put all the tips into practice for the next celebration!

Decorative synthetic grass for theme parties

Children’s parties are usually decorated based on a theme. Synthetic grass can be used to complement the thematic proposal, setting up different spaces.

If the theme is football, you can set up a small field in the party space. If it is a farm, use the material in leisure spaces, such as areas with toys and surrounded by stuffed animals.

Adopt as an ornament and decorative complement

The decorative synthetic grass can also be used as a decoration for non-obvious items, such as the cake table and sweets, for guests and on chairs. This is a simple and quick way to give a touch of creativity to the decor.

Another good way to use the material as an ornament is to create synthetic grass panels, which make it possible to build an English wall. The piece is ideal to be installed on the wall where the candy table will be or even in space for photos.

Decorative synthetic grass for parties instead of rugs

It is common to use rugs near the candy table and recreational or rest spaces. How about replacing them with artificial grass? In addition to being more resistant, artificial grass makes the environment more playful.